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79500US1205704 Florida Hillsborough County (North Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1205705 Florida Tampa City (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1205706 Florida Hillsborough County (Northeast) PUMA, FL
79500US1205707 Florida Hillsborough County (Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1205708 Florida Hillsborough County (South County) PUMA, FL
79500US1206100 Florida Indian River County PUMA, FL
79500US1206300 Florida Apalachee Region (Outside Leon County) PUMA, FL
79500US1206901 Florida Lake County (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1206902 Florida Sumter (North) & Lake (North) Counties PUMA, FL
79500US1206903 Florida Lake (South) & Sumter (South) Counties PUMA, FL
79500US1207101 Florida Barrier Islands Region PUMA, FL
79500US1207102 Florida Cape Coral City PUMA, FL
79500US1207103 Florida Lehigh Acres & North Fort Myers PUMA, FL
79500US1207104 Florida Greater Fort Myers City PUMA, FL
79500US1207105 Florida Bonita Springs City & Estero (East) PUMA, FL
79500US1207300 Florida Leon County (Outer) PUMA, FL
79500US1207301 Florida Tallahassee City (Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1208101 Florida Manatee County (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1208102 Florida Manatee County (West Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1208103 Florida Manatee County (South) PUMA, FL
79500US1208301 Florida Marion County (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1208302 Florida Ocala City PUMA, FL
79500US1208303 Florida Marion County (South Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1208500 Florida Martin County PUMA, FL
79500US1208601 Florida Greater Miami Lakes Town PUMA, FL
79500US1208602 Florida Miami Gardens City (North & West) PUMA, FL
79500US1208603 Florida Greater North Miami Beach City (West) PUMA, FL
79500US1208604 Florida Aventura City & Surfside Town PUMA, FL
79500US1208605 Florida North Miami City (Southwest) & Golden Glades (West) PUMA, FL
79500US1208606 Florida Opa-Locka City, West Little River & Westview PUMA, FL
79500US1208607 Florida Hialeah City (North Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1208608 Florida Doral, Sweetwater Cities & Fontainebleau PUMA, FL
79500US1208609 Florida Hialeah City (South Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1208610 Florida Miami Springs City & Miami International Airport PUMA, FL
79500US1208611 Florida Miami City (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1208612 Florida Miami Beach City & Miami Shores Village PUMA, FL
79500US1208613 Florida Miami City (Downtown) PUMA, FL
79500US1208614 Florida Miami City (East) & Key Biscayne Village PUMA, FL
79500US1208615 Florida Miami City (West) PUMA, FL
79500US1208616 Florida Coral Gables City, Pinecrest Village & Kendall (South) PUMA, FL
79500US1208617 Florida South Miami City, Westchester & Coral Terrace PUMA, FL
79500US1208618 Florida Tamiami Trail Region (South)--Tamiami PUMA, FL
79500US1208619 Florida Kendale Lakes (Southwest) & Kendall West (South) PUMA, FL
79500US1208620 Florida Kendall (North), Sunset & Westwood Lakes PUMA, FL
79500US1208621 Florida The Hammocks (West), Richmond West (West) & Country Walk PUMA, FL
79500US1208622 Florida South Miami Heights PUMA, FL
79500US1208623 Florida Cutler Bay Town & Palmetto Bay Village PUMA, FL
79500US1208624 Florida Homestead City (North) & Florida City (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1208700 Florida Miami-Dade (South/Outside Urban Development Boundary) & Monroe Counties PUMA, FL
79500US1208900 Florida Nassau & Baker Counties PUMA, FL
79500US1209100 Florida Okaloosa County PUMA, FL
79500US1209300 Florida Highlands (South & East), Okeechobee, Hendry & Glades Counties PUMA, FL
79500US1209501 Florida Orange County (Northwest) PUMA, FL
79500US1209502 Florida Winter Garden, Ocoee Cities & Oakland Town PUMA, FL
79500US1209503 Florida Disney-International Drive Region PUMA, FL
79500US1209504 Florida Orlando City (South Central), Conway & Pine Castle PUMA, FL
79500US1209505 Florida Orlando City (East Downtown) & Azalea Park PUMA, FL
79500US1209506 Florida Orlando City (West Downtown) & Pine Hills (Southeast) PUMA, FL
79500US1209507 Florida Orlando (North), Winter Park & Maitland Cities PUMA, FL
79500US1209508 Florida Orlando City (Univ. of Central Florida) & Union Park PUMA, FL
79500US1209509 Florida Orange County (Southeast) PUMA, FL
79500US1209510 Florida Orange County (Northeast) PUMA, FL
79500US1209701 Florida Osceola County (West) PUMA, FL
79500US1209702 Florida Osceola County (East) PUMA, FL
79500US1209901 Florida Palm Beach County (Northeast) PUMA, FL
79500US1209902 Florida Palm Beach Gardens & Riviera Beach Cities PUMA, FL
79500US1209903 Florida West Palm Beach City (Southeast) & Palm Beach Town PUMA, FL
79500US1209904 Florida Greenacres City (North) & Palm Springs Village (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1209905 Florida Lake Worth City, Lantana Town & Atlantis City PUMA, FL
79500US1209906 Florida Greater Boynton Beach City (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1209907 Florida Greater Delray Beach City PUMA, FL
79500US1209908 Florida Boca Raton City & Highland Beach Town PUMA, FL
79500US1209909 Florida Palm Beach County (West of Boca Raton City) PUMA, FL
79500US1209910 Florida Wellington Village & Agricultural Reserve PUMA, FL
79500US1209911 Florida Glades & Western Communities PUMA, FL
79500US1210101 Florida Pasco County (East Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1210102 Florida Pasco County (West Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1210103 Florida Pasco County (Gulf Coast) PUMA, FL
79500US1210104 Florida Pasco County (South) PUMA, FL
79500US1210301 Florida Pinellas County (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1210302 Florida Pinellas County (North Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1210303 Florida Clearwater City (South & Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1210304 Florida Greater Largo City PUMA, FL
79500US1210305 Florida Greater Seminole City PUMA, FL
79500US1210306 Florida Greater Pinellas Park City PUMA, FL
79500US1210307 Florida St. Petersburg City (East) PUMA, FL
79500US1210308 Florida St. Petersburg City (West) PUMA, FL
79500US1210501 Florida Polk County (Northwest) PUMA, FL
79500US1210502 Florida Polk County (Northeast) PUMA, FL
79500US1210503 Florida Polk County (Central) PUMA, FL
79500US1210504 Florida Polk County (South) PUMA, FL
79500US1210700 Florida Putnam & St. Johns (South) Counties PUMA, FL
79500US1210900 Florida St. Johns County (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1211101 Florida St. Lucie County (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1211102 Florida St. Lucie County (South) PUMA, FL
79500US1211300 Florida Santa Rosa County PUMA, FL
79500US1211501 Florida Sarasota County (North) PUMA, FL
79500US1211502 Florida Sarasota County (Central & Gulf Coast) PUMA, FL
79500US1211503 Florida Sarasota County (East) PUMA, FL
79500US1211701 Florida Seminole County (West) PUMA, FL